Advantages of working at Valtech?

  • Ongoing training program
  • Pay structure based on skills and merit
  • Positive working environment
  • Competitive wages and social benefits
  • Career opportunities
  • Workplace focused on health and safety
  • Open interaction between workers and management

Ongoing training program

Valtech Fabrication believes in developing the skills of all its employees. The Ongoing Training Program, built on our core values, was established to provide the workers with tools to improve their skills and knowledge.

Here is a list of some different training sessions available at Valtech:

  • Valtech Fabrication and its Challenges;
  • How to read and understand a welding procedure;
  • How to use a welding machine;
  • Selecting, obtaining and handling filler metal;
  • Reading blueprints: Preparation and beveling;
  • Reading blueprints: hexmesh;
  • Reading blueprints: Cyclone Fabrication;
  • Reading blueprints: Expansion Joint Fabrication;
  • Reading blueprints: Fabrication of Pressure Vessels and piping

Valtech Fabrication is a member of Mutuelle d'attraction