Health & safety

A work environment BUILT AROUND the health and safety of the workers

To ensure safe practices, Valtech provides protective gear to its employees, including:

  • Speedglas Welding Helmet with Adflo
  • North Respirator
  • Working Clothes
  • Safety Boots or Shoes
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing Protection

Safety measures:

  • Routine inspections of all lift trucks;
  • Routine inspections of all work stations;
  • Annual inspection of lift straps;
  • Annual inspection of overhead cranes;
  • Safety guards on all machinery;
  • Safety boots or shoes, protective glasses and hearing protection are mandatory;
  • Health and Safety Training: safe use of overhead cranes, safe use of lift trucks, WHMIS and many other professional development training sessions to come;
  • Partnership with Multi Prévention ASP;
  • Health and safety orientation is mandatory for all new employees.
  • Boards identifying areas for improvement and good work practices;
  • Board presenting monthly and annual statistics.

Health & safety committee

Valtech has a very involved health and safety committee. They meet on a regular basis in order to identify and study challenges and offer solutions to ensure a safe work environment. Moreover, they investigate and analyze all incidents that happen in the workplace.